"Hidden Topology of Being II. Proteios” ,

3D stereoscopic video-animation :        

The project belongs to the series: Hidden Topologies of Being" 


The title, the Greek origin of the name of protein,  refers to  the early Greek philosophy that initiated the search for arche  the primary cause and fundamental principle of physis, the nature/world. The Greek word πρωτεος (proteios), means "primary", "in the lead". Protein molecules, responsible for all cellular processes, are made mainly of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen - fundamental components of the cosmic matter. They are arranged in amino acid sequences, also quite widespread in the Universe. When X-rayed, the globular form of a protein reveals an atomic arrangement, which could serve as a map of a starry sky. Its folding topology, on the other hand, recalls mysterious geometric formations called “Calabi-Yau manifolds” in which, according to the superstring theory, successive dimensions of our world are “curled up” on a subatomic scale. 

The piece was inspired by quantum interpretations of the universe as the multidimensional undivided oneness in a constant enfolding and unfolding “holomovement” (D.Bohm) as well as by folded geometries and dynamics of protein molecules. Merging micro and macro scales, it represents "life" as a complex spatiotemporal arrangement. 

 Here the cosmic space, seized and compressed in Calabi-Yau spaces, gives rise to a protein – the basic brick of life.