Video installation at Bereznitsky Galerie, Berlin

Music: Tilmann Dehnhard  

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The loss of the center, horizon, natural, normal or even the human characterizes our daily life in the urbanized environment. Speed and nomadism, flexibility and reconfigurability are part of this experience. Despite its futuristic alterations, the city preserves its historical unity by diverse stories written in its walls, by the skyline drawn in our common memory.

The city is both organization of space and embodiment of time.

The installation “Walls” merges video material gathered in Berlin , Poznan ( Poland ) and Calcutta ( India ). This combination suggests also other possibilities. 

To be in a place means also to be in a specific moment of its time. In our time, however, the place is no more confined by the definite spatial parameters. It is composed of layers of images and impressions, becoming in Hoffmann’s work a course of seemingly abstract fragments of walls.

The movement is an important factor in the analysis of human relation to the city walls. Sometimes it is a ghostly journey through a building; sometimes they are walls that flow passing the observer. In another case the liquid architecture forms a human head floating in some abstract abyss.

Walls embrace a human being in a physical and mental sense, influencing the individual and common consciousness. The time of a house, a street, a city and the ephemeral presence of their habitants juxtapose each other, inscribed within the same course of the history. 

In our constantly expanding and more and more transparent world, walls still protect, limit, unite and define both our surrounding.

The video installation “Walls”  was realised thanks to the Fellowship given to foreign artists by the Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam – Babelsberg

In the ruins of memory the house
through its mouldy surface
touched by strangers’ looks
lowering eyelids in abandoned
Time cracks inside the ripened walls
It tears off with fragile flakes
Swollen with history the heart of hearts
bestows its place on silence

More and more 
caring walls
sheltering walls
define our confinement