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Artistic project;  interactive immersive multimedia installations

the project being realized with the team of EpiLab (founded and led by the artist)


epiMimesis refers to the perpetual human ambition to gain knowledge about the deepest “Big Data” secrets of the nature and thus about the power to process, to change or to set these data for the benefit of humanity, for the construction of a better future. At the same time it raises questions about the limits of our cognition  and power:

- whether we are actually able to fully understand and to efficiently control self-organizing organic and inorganic complex systems.

- and) or even to wisely guide  ourselves towards what we want to become


Epimimesis evokes the notion of mimesis as a creative method of combining art, science and technology for striving to gain a new quality or an orientation of mind, for stimulating imagination and reflection. Combining interdisciplinary scientific knowledge expertise with creative visions, the artistic strategy of mimesis is used for search of the personal identity within the ever-changing data environment powered by merging biotech and digi-tech revolutions.


The prefix epi refers to the impact of the environment on an individual set of data .

The term mimesis suggests a creative interpretation or modeling of nature: looking not only for that what “is” or “was”, but  for what is likely or possible.  


The EpiMimesis narrative evolves in virtual supercomputer environment, or a universe as supercomputer, assuming consequently "all is data".  The interface carries an interActor(s), as an apprentice,  through various levels of organization of matter: from quantum strings through biological structures until to the most complex eigen-dynamic of our entire coded world, with interactions between all levels  








selected sketches from various epiZones projects :