Sound composition: Andre Bartetzki (www.bartetzki.de)

3D stereoscopic installation, 



Premiere  by the Conference “Multidisciplinary Approach to Structural Biology. From Macromolecules to Cells”

Poznan Science Center, march 2015, conference info: pdf, https://vimeo.com/122182726

Festival of Science & Art in Poznan, Microscape2 Poznan Science Center / Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan, March 2016: https://vimeo.com/163793029



Combining scientific methods of scientific data visualisation with artistic strategies, Microscape recalls old philosophical concerns about the determinism and indeterminism, entropy and order inspired by the contemporary research on complex systems and processes of self-organisation in nature.
In the virtual world of Microscape, molecular structures are suspended in their functionality and doomed to their frantic thermodynamic dance in space deprived of gravity and aim. They appear as islands of some inherent order emerging “from fluctuation of the sea of chaos” (using Ludwig Boltzman’s term.
The piece gives the viewer an impression of being absorbed in some immense experiment of unclear premises and meaning, in the world of fractal identities, questioning the essence and future of our micro and macro-scapes.


stills (please use 3D anaglyph glasses)