multimedia installation, Municipal Gallery Leszno, Poland 2006

The project consists of 3 video pieces and plaster cast of my head. The project realised olso in the formof one chanel video

“Passage” is a specific journey through time and space of the city. The cityscape is reduced to a flow of city walls. The concreteness and transparency of the walls are juxtaposed with the transparency and concretness of a scanned human scull. The fleeting images inscribed in them comes both from the past and present of the city. 

Soundtrack: sounds of the city collected by the contact microphone attached to the city wallsinscribed in the music composition by Tilmann Dehnhard

The film’s theme is the relation between a human being and the city. Whilst a skull constitutes protection for human brain - container of his thoughts, sensations and memories, city-walls protect the city’s identity by being permeated and marked by its Past and Present.  The city embraces a human being in a physical and mental sense, influencing the individual and common consciousness. However it is our awareness, sensibleness and imagination that contains, defines and read the city. The time of a city and the time of an individual being juxtapose each other, inscribed within the same flow of history.