music: Andre Bartetzki
VR narrative, 3DS projection, AR app

Advances in the natural sciences fundamentally change our understanding of natural processes, forcing us to redefine the basic concepts underlying the cultural paradigms that determine our perception of our place and role in the ever-evolving Great Web of Life and consequently our attitudes and actions. Though RhiZone [Spore] is an autonomous artwork, it belongs to the RHIZONES series and is associated to the project: Rhizosphere: The Big Networks of Small Worlds


RhiZone: [Spore] is an immersive multisensory narrative (VR) that transports the viewer into a complex, semi-biological information network in which the boundaries between various environments, micro and macro systems, are blurred.

The title refers to a unit of reproduction, a spore, a single cell that may be adapted for dispersal and for survival. It is highly durable and can germinate even after years of dormancy. Spore is the embodiment of the memory of the species, the algorithms of life, capable of evolving into a new entity.
RhiZone [Spore] is an artistic "time machine" that takes the viewer on a journey through various evolutionary stages and zones of life: from the "primordial soup" of molecular agglomerates (RNA World) and cyanobacteria expansion, through aquatic and terrestrial environments, to the bio-technological networks of the future holobiosis.
The viewer is immersed in an everchanging network of cellular structures, in which diverse forms merge into one another ensuring persistence of the narrative.

stills from RhiZone: [Spore] VR 360 narrative