HIDDEN TOPOLOGIES OF BEING – series 2009 -2015


Our perception and understanding of the phenomenon of life has been changing drastically in last decades. Aristotle’s concept of life based on the notion of a living organism, which prevailed in the humanistic tradition for over two thousand years, is no more valid because we acknowledged that life “happens” on the molecular level. Many scientists associate life with a replicating gene. Identifying life processes with processing (preserving / transmitting / exchanging) information.

Nevertheless there are other ways of understanding life i.e. focused more on thermodynamic than genetic issues. Another perception of life is associated with the “life imprint”: a pattern that can be distinguished in in the physical environment indicating some highly organized activities we could recognize as life.

Taking into account interconnections between all definitions of life, in this series of works I am investigating yet another perspective in which life is perceived as a mode of existence of space and, vice versa, space is treated as a mode of existence of life.

This tautological description implies the comprehension of life as a particular spatiotemporal organization and a “unit of life” (or an “individual existence”) as an integral fragment of its physical environment, but also locates its parameters at the heart of a rich history of human culture, grounded in the diversity and changes of our spatiotemporal apprehension of reality.


“Hidden Topologies of Being” embraces a series of multimedia works realized with the support of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New Delhi, CEMA Centre for Experimental Media Art & the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore , DKFZ German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg University, DE





Hidden Topology of Being I 



       Anxiety of the 2nd Dimension

          Hidden Topology of Being I