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in cooperation with 

Genesilico Lab, the International Centre for Molecular & Cell Biology in Warsaw

Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Poznan, KNOW RNA Consortium



is based on the recent research on RNA molecules, and their specific characteristics, questioning tools (scientific and cultural) we have to apprehend processes on levels of reality inaccessible to our senses, and how the knowledge about molecular processes may influence our understanding of ourselves and the world we create. (see nore)


microMimesis : I-Golem Project

I-Golem, based on the latest scientific research, activates the most important cultural and philosophical questions about the nature and source of life but also models of reality we create based on scientific and technological progress. It was once the Divine Temple, the work of the Great Architect, who was then replaced by the Great Watchmaker. In the 19th century, the industrial revolution turned the all-eternal clock, into a Machine. The Imagination in the 20th century, in turn, was dominated by the Supercomputer and powerful Code. What model of reality emerges today, in the society of knowledge,  from the increasing cloud of virtual Big Data produced by science and technology? What methodologies, scientific and cultural, do we have, or have to produce, in order to transform it into a coherent whole? How our model of reality we create may influence our reality?

Are we creating New Golem(s)?
Through centuries cultural imagineries have been playing a special role in shaping the relationship between man and his physical and mental environments, combining the age-old desire to know the truth about the world (the domain of science) with the expression of the human condition in this world (domain of art).

As an artist I believe that the exploration of the dynamics of  "molecular" perspective can contribute to the development of new cultural interpretations and metaphors that will help us to better understand and cope with the complexities of the world we create.


Golem is most often associated with a creature made of clay in the shape of a man, but devoid of soul,  created by a Prague rabbi, a native of Poznan, Jehuda Löw Bekakel.

The word Golem appears in Bible in Ps 135: 15-17, uttered by Adam and interpreted as embryo. However it may also mean something yet shapeless and formless. In the Middle Ages it was identified with the Greek concept of formless matter - η ὕλη (hyle). Part of the Jewish tradition also treats Adam, prior he was bestowed with the breath of God, as a golem.

According to Jewish tradition, the process of creating legendary Golem from lifeless matter like dust or earth was based on repeating  the process of God's creation by using the respective arrangements of letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The golem, brought into being by a human creator, becomes a helper, a companion, or a rescuer, but also a threat to its creator.

Today, our creative efforts  are not based on some divine symbols but on the alphabet of the nature, on discovering  and composing novel molecular words and sentences.

RNA is the ancient biological molecule that probably existed before the emergence of life in the cellular form. It is a natural 'golem' from which life started the path of its evolution
The artistic project: microMimesis: I-Golem project comes into being in the time when the threshold of creation on a molecular level  has been already passed, bestowing the man with new powers and responsibilities.

The theme of artificial life – from homunculi and cyborgs to robots and androids, from Miller –Urey experiment to synthetic biology and AI, has inspired generations of scientists and artists.

microMimesis: I-Golem project is a monument of human knowledge and creativity, of the eternal human desire to learn the deepest truths of nature, to gain power over its processes or even create a new better life. At the same time it will be an embodiment of human emotions in face of ephemerality of the individual life, the chaos of today and uncertainty of tomorrow.
I-Golem is
an evolving virtual structure, which, reflecting laws of nature, may evolve in different and multiple ways, creating new narratives and meanings. Combining scientific simulations with artistic strategies and virtual reality experiences, Golem will create a bridge between sensuality and abstraction, between scientific knowledge and cultural imagination, between rationality, intuition and emotions.

The “enzyme of the beginning of life” has been an inspiration and germ of the project. It is a short RNA molecule - ribozyme, with specific (cross) chiral properties. Synthesized in the laboratories of Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) molecule is a model of the first RNAs, which were probably self-replicants. They both carried information and catalyze evolutionary processes.

The germ of artistic virtual Golem will be a model of the original enzyme, developing new structures, symmetries and interactions, and maybe even  new qualities of life