soundscape - Andre Bartetzki www.bartetzki.de

AR programmer - Arkadiusz Rataj

realised with the support of FASSF/Art & Science Node

Inspired by symbiotic natural systems of rhizosphere and Wood Wide Web, the multi-sensual poetic narrative of Rhizone: PapiLLa immerses the viewer in a complex, multi-dimensional semi-biological information network, in which the boundaries between micro and macro systems, between “internal” and “external” data processing are blurred. The piece is connected to an immersive project combining Virtual Reality technologies with a sensory environment. The title refers to biological nodular formations often associated with the senses of touch, taste or smell, as well as to the organs of symbiosis between plants and bacteria produced by plants on their roots. Rhizone: PapiLLa refers to the world where organic and inorganic systems merge into a new hybrid whole. LINK TO THE WEBSITE of the VR PROJECT

AR app: Art & Science Node: Joanna Hoffmann

Presented by Art & Science Node AR exhibition platform: Capture the Future(s) Our Bio-Tech Planet: The Routes to Roots Networks and Beyond at Plant Biology Europe Congress 2021


Augmented Species – Invasive Sculptures in Hybrid Ecologies, organised by MoMAR; International AR Touring Exhibition Through Sculptural Gardens; Opening: September 10, 2021, 4 pm,  MoMA Sculpture Garden

stills from AR experience: