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soundscape - Andre Bartetzki (www.bartetzki.de)


Immersive, multisensory VR environment

link to 2D HD teaser:  https://vimeo.com/440041241  link to 360 video: https://vimeo.com/560368939

link to 360 stereo VR version  (oculus /vive...): https://vimeo.com/463959502


PORTFOLIO of the project


The piece is the continuation of EpiZone [NULL] , bridging two long-term projects: EpiMimesis & Rhizosphere


RHIZONE: [PapiLLa] explores in a poetic way the essence of human identity in the world where organic and inorganic systems will merge into a new hybrid whole of Big Data processing. What will happen when the Internet of Everything will turn into the Internet of Minds?

Inspired by symbiotic natural systems of Wood Wide Web the multi-sensual poetic narrative of EpiZone[NULL]: PapiLLa immerses the viewer in a complex, multi-dimensional semi-biological information network in which the boundaries between micro and macro systems, between "internal" and "external" data processing are blurred.

The piece is an immersive installation combining Virtual Reality technologies with a sensory environment. The title refers to biological nodular formations often associated with the senses of touch, taste or smell, aas well as to the organs of symbiosis between plants and bacteria produced by plants on their roots.



It is a fractal of a virtual symbiote-system (EpiMimesis)

It is its sensory organ, a hybrid space in which the viewer's feelings and imagination co-create the invigorating web of sympoiesis .

The elusive threads of internal imagination, like invasive threads of Rhizobium, connect a participant with a structure devoid of spatial and temporal boundaries.


Key words:

Internet of Everything, Internet of Minds, future, Wood Wide Web, Rhizosphere, symbiosis



We are increasingly aware of the fact that the structure of our reality is based on dynamic interactive data networks, from neural networks to the World Wide Web, from river basins to social, economic and cultural phenomena. Every microsecond, countless interactions link all levels of our networked world.

RHIZONE: [PapiLLa] is an artistic vision of the future world, where organic and inorganic intelligent systems will be combined into a new hybrid quality. On the one hand, the project refers to the intensive development of the Internet of (Every)Thing and research in the direction of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), on the other - to symbiotic network strategies of plants (the so-called Wood Wide Web) as an alternative model of an effective social eco-system.

PapiLLa is a micro-component of the future hybrid omni-system. The name and form are derived from biological nodular formations often associated with the senses of touch, taste or smell, as well as from the root nodule, the organ of symbiosis between plant roots and bacteria (Rhizobium)

In VR, the viewer is slowly "captured" in the form of PapiLLa - a virtual cocoon created by a densifying data network. The evolving audio-visual narrative transforms a chaotic environment of elementary particles into a complex multi-layered system in which cellular structures are intertwined with a web of urban connections. In the world where "all is data"  the boundaries between micro and macro scales, between internal and external data processing are blurred.

Finally, Papilla takes the form of an eye. Through its pupil, the viewer enters the outside space - a semi-abstract, pulsating "rhizosphere".

Virtual narration is accompanied by a multisensory experience. The viewer is placed in a special hammock, through which he feels the vibration of the soundtrack and petrichor, the smell of the earth after rain, produced by soil bacteria.

PapilLLa is the first stage of the project – the VR installation that will cover several sensory "stands" of different PapiLLae

Each PapiLLa wiil be a short (several minutes) poetic piece, an immersive haiku, creating an intimate, contemplative space.



stills (360 mono)

parts order: front / right / left / back / bottm / top